So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31

Just about everything the government has ever told you about food is wrong. Remember the food pyramid you learned in school? Or even the latest version of it?

Because some bureaucrat created it, it’s hung in classrooms all across America. We ate fewer eggs and meats and natural fats, trying to obey their rules. We ate mostly high fructose everything, spiking our insulin and whacking out kids’ blood sugar levels, because they told us to. We consumed copious amounts of processed wheat and grain products that are heavily subsidized by the government, because they said it wouldn’t get us fat or give us high cholesterol.

And of course the government that authorized drawing up the food pyramid was itself influenced by deep-pocketed lobbyists an pork-barreling politicians.

That food pyramid has been debunked. Americans are fatter now than they’ve ever been – thanks, food pyramid! – and doctors are handing out drugs like candy to try to control an epidemic of high cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It’s staggering to see what happens when government tries to influence every area of your life. America’s diet is a good lesson.

Decisions are best made close to home. That’s the motto for citizens who believe in self-governance, and there’s nothing closer to home than the dinner table. Instead of listening to politicians and faraway bureaucrats for advice on, well, anything…use your own common sense. Do your own research instead of blindly agreeing with a government graph or a politician’s wife.

Sweet Freedom in Action
When your kids come home with nutrition-class homework, set them straight on that food pyramid, and remind them that your family can be trusted to make good choices.