The greatest among you will be your servant.
Matthew 23:11

It’s hard to top the service of America’s veterans. I try to thank them nearly every chance I get.

Laying down your life for your fellow man – Jesus tells us that’s the greatest love there is; it’s the sacrificial love that He gave for us. Our veterans make sacrifices, sometimes with their lives, for our country.

With our all-volunteer military, every single man and woman in uniform has made a conscious choice to serve our nation – even if it means risking their own lives to protect us. They deserve our thanks, they deserve our prayers, and they deserve elected leaders in Washington who likewise put service above self and who work to keep America’s military the best in the world.

When I was governor of Alaska, I was commander in chief of Alaska’s National Guard, and I made it a priority to visit American troops wherever I could. In their far-flung posts, they are America’s servant-ambassadors to the rest of the world; and they’re the ones you can count on when things get tough. While so much of our society is losing its attachment to the ideals and virtues that have made our country the great nation that it is, the men and women in our armed services continue to embody these virtues and defend the freedoms we so easily take for granted.

Sweet Freedom in Action
Today, remember that true greatness is measured in servanthood – and tell the vets you know how much you appreciate their service.