Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.
John 7:24

Do you get offended when filling out some endless bureaucratic form that asks you about “race”? It often seems that the people most obsessed with race, and with racial quotas for this, that, and everything, are the people who tell us we need to get over race.

But there’s an easy way to get beyond race, and that’s: don’t judge by appearances. Don’t judge a person on whether she is white, black, or Eskimo. Judge that person, if you’re an employer, on skills; judge that person, if you’re an educator, on academic achievement; judge that person, if you’re a coach, on performance.

We aren’t what we look like or what we do. We are children of God. That’s true of every single one of us – no matter our color, our sex, or our sins.

Sweet Freedom in Action

Today, as you go out in the world, look at everyone around you at the grocery store or driving around town or on a hike in the woods and remind yourself that every person you see is a child of God. Pray for them. And have your friends pray for you.