Tim Tebow Just Hit A Home Run, But Not In The Way You Expect

Tim Tebow is making headlines once again for the unforgettable night he created to honor people with special needs.

In 2015, Tebow hosted an event called “Night To Shine” in order to give those with special needs “the prom they never had.”

“Night To Shine” has now become an annual event and continues to grow every year.

Check it out (via Inspire More):

This year on Valentine’s day, 375 different churches at home and 11 countries abroad will open their doors and roll out the red carpet for these sweet and incredible people that truly deserve it.

tebow 1

Tebow is so happy his cause has spread as far as it has, “I’ve been blown away by the incredible growth of the Night to Shine movement,” he said. “It is so awesome to see what happens when churches around the world set aside their individual banners and names to do what I believe the church was called to do, which is simply love God and love people.”

This is just one more way Tebow is “being a light to those around him.”

Tebow was first recognized for writing “John 3:16” on his eye paint when he played in the NCAA in 2010.

He has since left the NFL to pursue a professional baseball career and is now an outfielder for the New York Mets.