Democrat Congressman Offers Very RARE Praise Of Tucker Carlson

Democrat Congressman Ro Khanna offered some very rare praise to Fox News host Tucker Carlson as the two seemed to share common ground on the United States intervening in foreign countries.

“⁦[Carlson]⁩ offers a devastating critique [of] interventionism and shows how much of the foreign policy establishment has failed the American people,” the California Democrat wrote.

“There is an emerging, left-right coalition of common sense for a foreign policy of restraint,” Khanna continued.

The tweet included an article that Carlson wrote with the American Conservative, critical of American intervention in the Middle East and those who peddle foreign intervention.

Per the Washington Examiner:

In the article in question, published in The American Conservative, Carlson attacked Boot and Kristol, both longtime conservative writers who are critical of President Trump, as “war peddlers.”

“Listed in one place, Boot’s many calls for U.S.-led war around the world come off as a parody of mindless warlike noises, something you might write if you got mad at a country while drunk,” wrote Carlson.

Carlson’s article was published two months after Trump announced plans to pull U.S. troops out of Syria, a move both Carlson and Khanna support. In addition, Khanna led a successful effort Wednesday to pass a resolution forcing Trump to withdraw U.S. military involvement in Yemen.

Here’s more from Carlson, via the American Conservative:

Iraq remains a smoldering mess. The Afghan war is still in progress close to 20 years in. For perspective, Napoleon Bonaparte seized control of France, crowned himself emperor, defeated four European coalitions against him, invaded Russia, lost, was defeated and exiled, returned, and was defeated and exiled a second time, all in less time than the United States has spent trying to turn Afghanistan into a stable country.

Things haven’t gone as planned. What’s remarkable is that despite all the failure and waste and deflated expectations, defeats that have stirred self-doubt in the heartiest of men, Boot has remained utterly convinced of the virtue of his original predictions. Certainty is a prerequisite for Leading Authorities on Armed Conflict.

In the spring of 2003, with the war in Iraq under way, Boot began to consider new countries to invade. He quickly identified Syria and Iran as plausible targets, the latter because it was “less than two years” from building a nuclear bomb. North Korea made Boot’s list as well. Then Boot became more ambitious. Saudi Arabia could use a democracy, he decided.

President Trump has expressed support for leaving Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, but has also been pulled to support keeping a military presence in the region by some of his senior administration officials. A similar situation has occurred with Yemen as the U.S. Congress recently voted to keep a military presence in the country, despite some calls to leave the country.

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